The “SATURN” working group of the CEPEJ met on 30 March 2021 in Strasbourg, by videoconference

by Apr 1, 2021

The “SATURN” working group of the CEPEJ met on 30 March 2021 in Strasbourg, by videoconference.

On the agenda, several points were discussed, in particular

– the role of the parties and the practitioners in order to prevent delays in judicial proceedings. The working group wished to supplement the guidelines already adopted by the CEPEJ on the management of judicial time by guidelines specific to the various actors of justice. The draft guidelines for lawyers, for judicial experts and for enforcement agents in the prevention of delays in judicial proceedings were thus examined. The professional organizations of these actors were able to make their observations. At the request of the working group, the E.U.R. has elaborated specific guidelines for Rechtspfleger which were not included in the initial draft on non-judges personnel. These draft guidelines, both on the judge’s assistants (clerks) and those specific to the Rechtspfleger which will include a definition of Rechtspfleger (the one included in the CEPEJ glossary – have been discussed and will be finalised to be presented to the plenary meeting of December 2021 for approval. They underline the major role of the clerks and the Rechtspfleger in the prevention of delays in the judicial procedures.

– a major study has been finalized on dashboards and key performance indicators for court management. They allow the different actors of justice (judges, court administrators, court clerks, regional and national managers) to have a precise vision of the tasks to be accomplished, of the duration of the procedures, of the workload. It will be presented for approval at the next plenary meeting.

E.U.R. was represented by Wolfgang LAEMMER and Jean-Jacques KUSTER.