The CEPEJ QUALITYworking group met on 15 February 2021 in Strasbourg

by Mar 9, 2021

The CEPEJ QUALITY working group met on 15 February 2021 in Strasbourg.

On the agenda several points were debated and in particular:

– the implementation of the European ethical charter on the use of artificial intelligence in judicial systems and their environment, adopted in December 2018 and which aroused a strong interest among legal professionals inter alia. The principles laid down in this charter must continue to be disseminated European Ethical Charter on the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Judicial Systems and their environment ( . The possible possibilities of establishing a certification mechanism for artificial intelligence tools and services in the justice sector have been studied by the working group.

– A study and guidelines on user centrality in judicial proceedings in civil matters were discussed. The observations of the E.U.R. were taken into account on the role of court staff as a link between users and judges.

– A comparative study and guidelines on the simplification and clarification of legal language with the litigants, in particular when drafting and communicating court decisions, were discussed. After some additional information to be provided, they could be submitted for adoption to the CEPEJ plenary meeting.

– A preliminary study on gender diversity in the recruitment and promotion of judges was presented. It was noted that the number of women falls drastically as one moves up in the hierarchy of posts and, on the other hand, the recruitment of "men" becomes more difficult. This study will serve as a basis for the development of guidelines.

– A tool to raise awareness of judicial officers about mediation was also presented. The E.U.R. was invited to develop, if necessary, such a tool on the role of the clerks/Rechtspfleger in mediation.

The E.U.R. was represented by Jean-Jacques KUSTER.