Study on the training needs of court staff on EU law

by May 2, 2020

The study on the training needs of court staff on EU law, which is being carried out by the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN) and the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) with the participation of all EU Member States, has entered its second phase after the first phase (inventory of court staff and identification of tasks related to EU law).

The National Coordinators in the EU Member States are now collecting the following information by means of a questionnaire:

a. Which training courses (initial and further training) are already being conducted at national level on EU law,

b. Who are the respective training providers (organisers),

c. What is the scope and nature (e. g. face-to-face lecture, e-learning) of these training courses,

d. Composition and knowledge of the trainers.

For the presentation and explanation of the second questionnaire, which is to be returned to the project managers by the end of May, a video conference in English was held on 28.4.2020. For the Austrian Federal Ministry of Justice, Walter Szöky, EUR General Secretary participated as National Coordinator.