President der l‘EUR First working meeting of the CEPRJ-CyberJust group as videoconference on 27.04.2020

by May 2, 2020

On 27.04.2020 the first working meeting of the CEPEJ group CyberJust took place in the form of a video conference in which the president of the EUR, Wolfgang Lämmer, was able to participate.

This format seems unusual, but is due to the current circumstances in the global crisis surrounding the COVID-19 virus. Physical meetings at European level are currently not possible.

On the other hand, this format is just right for the topic. After all, it is about the digitisation of procedures and cases in everyday judicial life.

This first meeting was meant as brainstorming, during which various ideas could be briefly discussed. Many different aspects were raised.

Topics such as AI (artificial intelligence) were interesting in the various stages of procedures, from the intelligent compilation of information to the evaluation of it by computers to the decision by algorhytms.

Another aspect was the discussion about digital litigation and the many different approaches of the countries. It has been proposed to develop European guidelines for „best practices“ rules for the use of video technology in court proceedings and in court hearings were also suggested.

Finally, an interesting proposal was made to develop a glossary on the definition of terms. Time and again it becomes apparent that the understanding of terms in the field of technology often deviates greatly from the understanding in legal language. Often, legal officials and technicians talk to each other about the same concepts without referring to the same, which then leads to fatal misunderstandings.

It will be exciting to observe the further development in this sector and also to bring in your own ideas.