EUR General Secretary met the Federal Minister of Justice in Austria Dr. Alma Zadić

by Feb 17, 2020


The 14th. February 2020, a meeting between representatives of the VDRÖ and the Federal Minister of Justice, Dr. Alma Zadić, took place at the Federal Ministry of Justice. During this very informative and friendly contact meeting we were allowed to present the “Association of the Austrian Rechtspflegerinnen and Rechtspfleger with Diplomas -VDRÖ” and also discussed the topics of recruitment of judicial personnel, teleworking, university of applied sciences for legal professionals with diplomas as well as the right of judges to issue directives.

VDRÖ was represented by President Walter Szöky and the board members Dagmar Weiß and Helmut Bruckmüller. Walter Szöky was also admitted to his function as General Secretary of the European Union of Rechtspfleger-EUR, delivered the greetings of the Presidium of the EUR and handed over the “White Paper for a Rechtspfleger/Greffier for Europe”.

from the left: W. Szöky, D. Weiß, Minister Dr. Zadić, H. Bruckmüller