E. U. R. comments on European legislative projects

by Mar 10, 2020

The EU Commission develops European directives and laws. It also takes initiatives to improve the cohabitation of citizens in the EU. An essential aspect here is the judicial systems of the member states. In a guiding principle, it states:

Effective justice systems are crucial for upholding the rule of law and an investment-friendly environment.

This is where a regular review of the current systems and their functionality comes into play. The regular report of the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ), in which the E. U. R. has consultative observer status, makes a significant contribution to this. In the meantime, this report has also described the legal authority “Rechtspfleger”, which is not known everywhere.

However, the EU Commission also provides interested citizens and organisations with additional opportunities to participate in the processes. For this purpose, current projects are published in a register and forwarded to the persons registered there for information. They can then comment on them. In the future, the E. U. R. intends to contribute its expertise, and especially that of its members, more strongly to the process of developing laws and regulations at European level.

The E. U. R. has taken this opportunity to comment on the EU Justice Scoreboard, the progress report on European justice to be published this year.

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W. Lämmer, Präsident der E.U.R.