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1967 – 1975

Karl Weber, President, Germany
Günter Reiss, General Secretary, Germany
Hans Otto Helpertz, Treasurer, Germany

1975 – 1979

René Rohr, President, France
Camille Sittler, General Secretary, France
Arthur Kastner, Treasurer, France

1979 – 1983

Raimund Friedrich, President, Austria
Herbert Winkler, General Secretary, Austria
Paul Sturm, Treasurer, Austria

1983 – 1989

Karl Weiss, President, Germany
Rudolf Maier, General Secretary, Germany
Günter Reiss, Treasurer, Germany

1989 – 1995

Germinal Garriga, President, France
Jean-Jacques Kuster, General Secretary, France
André Bichwiller, Treasurer, France

1995 – 2001

Paul Sturm, President, Austria
Herta Habersam-Wenghoefer, General Secretary, Austria
Reinhard Fettner, Treasurer, Austria

2001 – 2007

Gabriele Guarda, President, Italy
Giovanni Assenza, General Secretary, Italy
Roberto Galullo, Treasurer, Italy

2007 – 2013

Thomas Kappl, President, Germany
Adelheid Hell, General Secretary, Germany
Harald Wilsch, Treasurer (2007-2010), Germany
Manilla Harder, Treasurer (2010-2013), Germany

2013 – 2016

Jean-Jacques Kuster, President, France
Maryse Galon, General Secretary, France
Catherine Oberzusser, Treasurer, France

2016 – 2019

Vivien Whyte, President, France
France Le Guern, General Secretary, France
Catherine Assioma, Treasurer, France